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"I went for my left should shoulder pain due to c6-7 disk prolapse issues. I had similiar problem last year and went to other physio therapy facility in franklin, ma. But we can not compare with Franklin Physio therapy staffs. All staffs were very friendly. Especially Matthew J. Tibert is awesome. He is very knowledgable. After my sixth visit, most of my back pain gone. I definately recommend to every one."

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Orthopedic and Sports Injury Specialists

About Us

Frankin Physical Therapy Approach

Franklin Physical Therapy brings an aggressive, educational approach to rehabilitating patients' injuries. We recognize that our patients want to recover from their injuries as quickly as possible. Rather than sitting home, they want to be at work, at school, playing sports, enjoying activities with their children, and the like.

Our approach includes a thorough initial assessment, focusing on a detailed history and a complete analysis of the patient's condition. We evaluate not only the area of symptomatic complaint, but also all related movement areas in both the spine and extremities.

Upon completing this initial assessment, we present a plan of action to the patient. This plan is designed to help the patient regain normal movement and function as quickly as possible.

We realize that, just as important as the therapeutic decisions, is the relationship between the physical therapy staff and the patient. This relationship is vital in helping the patient achieve maximum results. For this reason, we work hard to provide an "environment of care," in which we strive to educate, and empower the patient to manage his or her condition.

Our physical therapy is exercise-based. While we use physical agents such as massage, ultrasound and electrical stimulation to relieve acute pain, it is the application of appropriate, progressive exercise that achieves the desired long-term solution to the problem.